What is the trent affair

C aptain Holder will kick things off with the ball... and he does so with two rank leg-side wides. I'm not sure if he's searching for swing, but there looks to be none available and Bairstow then just clips him off his pads for a lovely boundary to get off the mark through mid-wicket. Holder's radar is still awry and Bairstow replicates the trick to pick up three runs. That brings Hales on strike and England's record holder almost pays for his over-exuberance, calling Bairstow through for a single to point that was never available and breathing a sigh of relief as the throw is wide of the mark with both batsmen well short of their ground.

The Council, by virtue of its actions, repudiated the pluralism of the secular Renaissance that had previously plagued the Church: the organization of religious institutions was tightened, discipline was improved, and the parish was emphasized. The appointment of Bishops for political reasons was no longer tolerated. In the past, the large landholdings forced many bishops to be "absent bishops" who at times were property managers trained in administration. Thus, the Council of Trent combated "absenteeism", which was the practice of bishops living in Rome or on landed estates rather than in their dioceses. The Council of Trent also gave bishops greater power to supervise all aspects of religious life. Zealous prelates, such as Milan 's Archbishop Carlo Borromeo (1538–1584), later canonized as a saint, set an example by visiting the remotest parishes and instilling high standards.

What is the trent affair

what is the trent affair


what is the trent affairwhat is the trent affairwhat is the trent affairwhat is the trent affairwhat is the trent affair