What is the river trent

The rivers Lugg and Teme, tributaries of the seven, have done fish too 26lbs to salmon anglers fishing worms in dirty water conditions.  So do not say that other anglers are exaggerating. 
I have been on netting parties and caught Tench too twelve pounds, where they were were supposed not to  be present or even stocked. This was back in the 1977’s.  which were fished by excellent anglers some of them top names and they were shocked.  Barble and Tench are not the only species to do this.  If you knew Micky L like I have for thirty years, he caught the second biggest Pike at the time in England of from a water that was not supposed to be able to do it. I was all in Anglers mail so years back so this should rest the case.   

Cruising the River Weaver has been made easier with the reopening of the Anderton Boat Lift. Previously access required a voyage down the Manchester Ship Canal. Upstream from the Lift the Weaver can be followed through the centre of Northwich to Winsford Flashes. Downstream in goes through pretty countryside to join the Ship Canal below Frodsham. Although the locks are large and the river once carried heavy traffic the coasters which came up to Northwich finished a few years ago, and there is currently no commercial traffic on the River.

What is the river trent

what is the river trent


what is the river trentwhat is the river trentwhat is the river trentwhat is the river trentwhat is the river trent