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After completion of the Line 1, Lima is continuing with expanding the system. At the moment the whole project consists of 4 additional routes that one day should link Ate with Callao (Line 2, yellow), Surco with Comas (Line 3, blue), La Molina with the International Airport Jorge Chavez in Callao (Line 4, red) and Chorrillos with Miraflores (Line 5, pink). Part of the network should run on overpasses, another part on street level and another one even underground. As in Lima and Peru too many people with too many different interests are involved, often plans are thrown into disarray or substantially changed on a regular basis. So when and if the project is completed as planned is uncertain. Nevertheless there is reason for hope: in March 2014 the concession for building the Line 2 from Ate to Callao was already granted to a consortium that already built the Line 1. The tracks will mainly run underground and are built in three stages to avoid a collapse of Lima's traffic. During the last stage a first part of the Line 4, the connection from Line 2 to Lima's airport, is planned to be built simultaneously. General Info Street: Main Office: Av. Aviacion 2494 District: San Borja City: Lima Region: Lima Phone: (+511) 224-2444 Website: http:/// Website: http:/// Comments   # marlene 2016-01-12 17:22 I would like to find out if Av Gnral Clement in Pueblo Libre is a safe area for tourist to stay?Thank you,

Marlene Reply | Reply with quote | Quote # Talia - Limaeasy 2016-01-15 01:19 It's not dangerous, just keep yourself safe as in any other big city. Reply | Reply with quote | Quote # Jo 2016-02-24 21:21 What options of metro, public transportation do we have for traveling from Sonesta Hotel El Olivar to the Larco Museum on a Monday afternoon? Reply | Reply with quote | Quote # Noel 2016-06-05 13:39 Are the train stations (all of them?) wheelchair accessible? Reply | Reply with quote | Quote # Talia - Limaeasy 2016-06-06 00:15 Yes, all of them should have an elevator. If you find any issues, officers or the people using the train might give you a hand, they are all keen to help. Reply | Reply with quote | Quote Refresh comments list Add comment Name (required)

What is super tren

what is super tren


what is super trenwhat is super trenwhat is super trenwhat is super trenwhat is super tren