What does eat clen and tren hard mean

I am on day 3 of the Clean 9 programme and feeling good energy-wise and not hungry at all. Only negative I am experiencing is a bit of bloating, trapped wind and general stomach ‘discomfort’ throughout the day. The discomfort started yesterday and same again today. I have been following the diet to the letter! I am an IBS sufferer and sugars / sweeteners in particular have caused me problems in the past and so am wondering if the Ultra Lite shakes are disagreeing with me or if this is a normal part of the detox / diet and should improve with time? Whilst I am very motivated, one of the main reasons I am doing the diet is to improve my IBS symptoms so feel my will power may wane if I continue to feel uncomfortable. I wondered if there are any alternatives to the shakes (such as healthy 200 calorie meals or similar) instead? Would be grateful for your thoughts!

“Protein helps to build and repair muscles; it also helps keep us full and satisfied. For many, incorporating protein at dinner, and even lunch, is usually not an issue,” says Miller. “Breakfast, however, is a little more challenging. Space the protein you eat throughout the day to keep your body strong and cravings at bay. Look for unprocessed lean sources of protein, such as legumes and fresh meats free of preservatives, when possible.” For breakfast, try unsweetened greek yogurt, eggs, or almond butter spread on whole grain toast with banana and cinnamon. Bonus: Watch this video to find out the 7 Amazing Things Bananas Do to Your Body !

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What does eat clen and tren hard mean

what does eat clen and tren hard mean


what does eat clen and tren hard meanwhat does eat clen and tren hard meanwhat does eat clen and tren hard meanwhat does eat clen and tren hard meanwhat does eat clen and tren hard mean