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The event attracted over 120 guests including VIPs and executives from the aviation and travel industry and key Australian business people working in Serbia and the region. Post partnered with Etihad Airways to endorse Australian tourism potential and also promote the recent enhancement of aviation links between Australia and Serbia via Etihad's partners Air Serbia and Virgin Australia. The lead-up to the event was a competition run by Etihad Serbia targeted at local travel agents. The two-month long contest culminated in a prize presentation for the top two agents that sold the highest number of Etihad air fares to their four destination cities in Australia. The two successful agents were awarded with complimentary return airfares to any one of Etihad’s Australian destinations (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth). Post considerably enhanced the distinct Australian flavour of the event by sourcing first class product sourced from Australia such as barramundi, kangaroo fillet, King Island cheese, wild West Australian prawns and Australian beer and wine. To underline the Australiana atmosphere of the evening an ‘Aussie’ themed quiz was conducted for guests – with winners receiving Australian-made prizes. Post was well supported by corporate sponsors who greatly assisted with the procurement of Australian-made products.

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Trenbolone price in india

trenbolone price in india


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