Tren hexahydrobenzylcarbonate cycle

The Tren were created by authors C. Robert Carey and Trevor J. Wilson for the article " Cracken's Rebel Operatives ," published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal 11 in November 1996 . The Tren character they introduced, Opit-Wenbruh, was illustrated by Kathy Burdette . Years later, in 2011 , an update to Star Wars: The Essential Atlas Online Companion included an entry for the Opitha Tren system . Comments made by Jason Fry , one of the authors of The Essential Atlas , indicate that several new star systems have been introduced as part of the Atlas project to represent the homes of species, based on context implied by their names. Opitha Tren thus may be intended to represent the home star system of the Tren species. [5]

In most cases, high-speed rail travel is time- and cost-competitive with air travel when distances do not exceed 500 to 600 km (310 to 370 mi), as airport check-in and boarding procedures may add as many as two hours to the actual transit time. [7] Also, rail operating costs over these distances may be lower when the amount of fuel consumed by an airliner during takeoff and climbout is considered. As travel distance increases, the latter consideration becomes less of the total cost of operating an airliner and air travel becomes more cost-competitive.

Tren hexahydrobenzylcarbonate cycle

tren hexahydrobenzylcarbonate cycle


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