Tren ace increase libido

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I have noticed that I am fairly impervious to the conventional sides (except heavy sweating, it's getting disgusting). However, I am prone to more unconventional sides, it seems. Did my bloodwork last week (3 weeks into the cycle): Elevated BP (140ish range, usually in the mid 120's for me), Elevated ALT/AST, elevated LDH, elevated WBC count (although I don't really care about this, as it's probably just aggravated from injection site inflammation), and high cholesterol (didn't do a differential cholesterol count as I didn't feel like fasting for 12h). Going to redo the blood in two weeks time to see if it's even further elevated. Do you ever experience any of these sides (if you have gotten your bloodwork done on these types of tren doses before)?

Tren ace increase libido

tren ace increase libido


tren ace increase libidotren ace increase libido