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So I made my order order on the 22nd of September. On the 29th I received my order but missing two bottles of boldenone. After many times of trying to contact them via email they blocked me sending them anymore emails. So on the 23rd of October I wrote a review explaining I haven't received part of my order. Same review as this one. They was quick to reply on the public page saying sorry for all this and we want to set it right. So that night I private messaged them for them to say they would send me the missing vials and a bottle of test as an apology. They told me they would send it without asking any address and after I gave it to them they said they would send it asap. That was on the 24th of October and it is now the 12th of November. After many messages asking for an update they have chosen to ignore all contact with me.

Once again naps has been amazing! they just had a sale and i decided to order a small winter stack, test cyp, dbol. Test cyp 400mg per week, Dbol 20 mg per day, a. Ive already gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks and my joints feel great, im not holding water and im getting great pumps. the gear is top quality as always and the best part was that they had a black Friday sale and my stuff arrived in under 10 days. Super fast shipping!! I would suggest if you want your gear fast order the dragon pharm brand because it ships from china, for some reason it comes in faster. i have always received my orders within a reasonable amount of time

Tren ace dbol test prop

tren ace dbol test prop


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