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At age 25, when Law first came to him requesting membership in the crew, Doflamingo seemed to have done away with the goggles, but otherwise seemed the same in appearance; [27] he wore a black dress shirt with a red tie and white pants with a bright red design, with his signature mantle over it, [28] At age 28, during his trip to Minion Island he briefly wore a blood-red double-breasted suit with yellow-gold buttons, with matching blood-red dress pants and shoes, a pair of (dark green in the anime, black in the manga) gloves and changed his sunglasses to the ones he wears currently. [29]

Later, when Luffy and Law infiltrated the palace, Trebol stood next to Doflamingo while he prepared for a confrontation. Luffy was enraged at Doflamingo for treating Bellamy like trash and tried to attack Doflamingo with his foot. Trebol laughed hysterically when Doflamingo used Bellamy as a shield. He was then surprised when Luffy aimed an attack at Law, thinking that he lost his mind. Law activated Room and used Shambles to switch places with Doflamingo, allowing Luffy to strike him. Once Trebol noticed Law sitting on Doflamingo’s chair, he was sliced to pieces by Law’s ability.

Despite her child-like physique and having Trebol as her bodyguard, Sugar is quite formidable in terms of speed and agility, as seen when she countered a number of attacking Tontatta dwarves , who are fast enough that normal Humans cannot see them. [15] However, she has a rather weak constitution, as she freaked out and lost consciousness when Usopp made a horrifying visage of pain and anguish after being force-fed the Tatababasco-laced grape. [12] This became her weakness, because whenever she sees anything that reminds her of Usopp's terrible expression, she may suffer a flashback that could cause her to faint. [13] [6]

Trebol one piece vnsharing

trebol one piece vnsharing


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