Test prop sore quad

I had a TKR 4 weeks ago. Everyday is a little better but I’m still heavily dependent on pain meds. Nights are rough but I’ve found sleeping much easier if I can do something other than lay there thinking about the pain. I got a good set of earphones and put some restful music into my Ipod. I tried classical, new age, folk–just a lot of cds from the library until I found something that worked for me. I found the Moody Blues and folk music to be the best. Gentle music but complex enough to capture my interest. I never a great sleeper and i’m am surprised I can sleep with the music on but turns out that is not a problem at all. It has really made nights so much easier to take. Even if you are laying there for an hour or so, which i do often, it makes the time go faster. If you find yourself dreading nights you might give this a try.

Test prop sore quad

test prop sore quad


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