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Not surprisingly, no elevated risk was found in the three studies listed at bottom, which looked at urine metabolite levels rather than blood THC. This confirms that urine testing has no bearing on driving impairment. Despite this fact, US Department of Transportation regulations force millions of commercial drivers to submit to random urine testing. The government has never produced convincing scientific evidence that this policy is necessary or effective to protect public safety. But they're the government, so they don't have to provide any evidence!

Dec 21, 2016
Morning Pete,
I wanted to thank you for teaching a few little tricks to get me through the 7. Yesterday I took it and passed with an 80 – as you said, pretty even with the last handful of practice finals I took.
You made the class fun and enjoyable, especially since I got to sit back and listen/watch the various other people in our class say absurd things. Your dry humor was great and made the materials less of a pain to go through. Several specific things you taught stuck in my head and I used on the exam giving me confidence that I would pass. Thanks again
Cheers to you Pete and Merry Christmas!
JB - Wells Fargo

That’s not what you get when you use Dr. Shoemaker’s method to find out about mold. You get very close to a sure thing. You’ll know with near certainty if you’re being made sick by mold toxins and have a protocol that has a damn good chance of making real headway in getting you better. So maybe you do have dental infections, Lyme and a couple of co-infections, heavy metal poisoning, parasites, and so on. Maybe you’re taking enough Mepron to revive the dead, have done over forty 1-hour HBOT sessions, FIR saunas until you looked like a shriveled grape, and some really far out treatments that puts you firmly in the top 5% of the most die-hard alternative medicine folks right along side with me. However, take it from someone that’s treated the gamut of chronic illness suspects with a total commitment that only someone driven by extreme, unrelenting inflammatory based borderline psychosis and anxiety can know, go after the mold first. I’ll say it again. It’s pretty easy to figure out if mold is a problem for you, and if it is, then there are very real steps you can take that will make you feel a whole lot better.

Test prop mg per ml

test prop mg per ml


test prop mg per mltest prop mg per mltest prop mg per mltest prop mg per mltest prop mg per ml