Test prop joint

Three days later on September 12, Scandinavian Airlines Flight 2748 from Copenhagen to Palanga had a similar problem with the landing gear, forcing the aircraft to land in Vilnius international airport ( Lithuania ). No passengers or crew were injured. [70] Immediately after this incident SAS grounded all 33 Q400 airliners in its fleet and, a few hours later, Bombardier recommended that all Q400s with more than 10,000 flights be grounded until further notice. [71] This affected about 60 aircraft, out of 140 Q400s then in service.

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mostly they were ok, just trying to do their job. If by hook or crook , you could talk to the guy who is giving the tests, I would bet he would give you the details. I once took a test on 2 inch schedule 120 pipe with a consumable insert root pass. No need to go into that but the point is, I had never done that before and I took the test cold turkey. I failed and had to go practice and then I passed. Had I known a little more, I would have known I could have remelted the part of the insert that didnt fuse. But there is a huge difference in having done something even once and not having done it at there any way you can get in touch with the test guy? That is your best bet.

Test prop joint

test prop joint


test prop jointtest prop jointtest prop jointtest prop jointtest prop joint