Test prop cutting

Once the main construction has been completed, it's time to add some details and cosmetic additions.

Due to the dry-brush painting system I like to use, raised details will help to enhance the final look of the weapon. First I had to help to 'tone down' the look of the feeder. I made up a face plate from two end caps (a bottle top and card tube end). these were hot-melted together and three short screws were added for detail.

Next I made up the feeder motor tube from a piece of 40mm drainage pipe, two strips of card and two plastic bottle tops. these were super-glued and hot-melted together then glued to a circle of card and four plastic nuts were added. Both these assemblies were then hot-melted into place.

A card top cover was added to the pistol grip, a better shape will be added later. Panels were added to the main body from cereal packet card super glued into place. these will simply add some surface relief detail and break up the smooth body surface a bit.

Various small screws and bolts were also glued on for effect.

Three days later on September 12, Scandinavian Airlines Flight 2748 from Copenhagen to Palanga had a similar problem with the landing gear, forcing the aircraft to land in Vilnius international airport ( Lithuania ). No passengers or crew were injured. [70] Immediately after this incident SAS grounded all 33 Q400 airliners in its fleet and, a few hours later, Bombardier recommended that all Q400s with more than 10,000 flights be grounded until further notice. [71] This affected about 60 aircraft, out of 140 Q400s then in service.

A handy tool for this project is the drying rack for the eyes. I made mine from two 4″ pieces of wire coat hanger and a small flat piece of scrap wood. Just drill two appropriately sized holes in the wood, cut two straight pieces of wire coat hanger and insert them in the holes. You will need to make sure that the drill bit is the same diameter as the coat hanger to ensure a tight fit. For the record, I used a thin wire hanger and a 47 gauge (″) drill bit. This will allow you work around the eyes completely without getting your fingers in the paint, and to set them aside to dry on your work surface. 

Test prop cutting

test prop cutting


test prop cuttingtest prop cuttingtest prop cuttingtest prop cuttingtest prop cutting